We offer a tiered licensing and pricing system to make the film accessible to all types of organizations. The Screening Kit includes an unlimited public performance license at one facility—contact us about purchasing multiple kits at a discount.

As independent filmmakers, we rely on your support to keep producing great documentaries and making them available to the public. Keep in mind you are legally obligated to purchase the appropriate license to show the film at your institution.

If you have any questions, please see the Licensing FAQ.

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Order the DEALMAKERS Screening Kit with the appropriate license.


We've created the DEALMAKERS Screening Kit to give nonprofits, businesses, and community organizations an easy-to-use resource for showing the film and leading a positive discussion about work with purpose. 

What's included in your Screening Kit: 

  • One downloadable film - 30 minute version of Episode One, Pete Ochs
  • Two downloadable trailers - Great for online marketing or pre-event gatherings
  • 12-page planning and discussion guide- This step by step guide helps you make sure all the details are covered
  • 2 promotional DEALMAKERS Facebook headers postcards, 5 promotional photos. 1 downloadable full size promotional poster- Great for online marketing over social media
  • License to exhibit the film at your facility

HOW TO SET UP A SCREENING? Here is a quick step by step guide to setting up a screening. You can do it!   CLICK HERE