God has given many of us a passion for business. We are dealmakers and entrepreneurs.  The question remains, how do we do business that honors our faith and work? We created DEALMAKERS to answer this question. 

This documentary series reveals how four entrepreneurs came together to create successful businesses that stand for much more then a single bottom line.   

We go beyond the literature into real life examples of success and failure that will help you become who God created you to be.


“This film changes the finish line of what success in business is truly about.”  Marcus Alphin, Entrepreneur Napa, CA

“Well-told and captivating!” Troy Austin, Canvas Capital


Episode 1 Pete Ochs, A Triple Bottom Line

"Pete OchsA Triple Bottom Line Business." Pete had a crazy idea. What would happen if we put a manufacturing business inside a maximum security prison, pay employees fair market wages, and help them find their purpose? What started out as a crazy idea turned into reform, relationships, profit and ultimately transformed lives. 


Dealmakers poses the potentially life altering question of, “what if?”  Sam Branham, Fairfax, VA

"If you ever wonder what can happen when a business leader yields to Christ, you'll want to watch this." Jeff Nelsen, Pastor, Cherry Hills Church, Springfield, IL

Rarely does a documentary motivate you to be all that God wants you to be and find your fullest potential. Dealmakers is THAT series!” Chad Chaney, Musician

“An incredible story of hope, risk and courage, it will make you rethink your bottom line!” Brian Uyeda, Pastors.com



The characters in DEALMAKERS have discovered the secrets to living a vibrant life in the world of business. Through their stories, you’ll learn: 

  • A passion for business is valid. 
  • The real temptations and struggles that lie behind success. 
  • Life of community and comradery.
  • The process of moving from success to significance.
  • The difference between ownership and stewardship. 
  • How to look beyond a singular bottom line.


DEALMAKERS has been designed for the following purposes: 

  • Strategically designed as a tool for transformation not just entertainment. 
  • Creates conversation.  
  • Provides real world examples for practical application. 
  • Brings people together around a common vision.
  • Strengthens relationships within your business or organization. 
  • Inspires generosity and stewardship. 

" Dealmakers demonstrates the transformative power of a social venture born of an entrepreneur's compassion  and unwillingness to accept injustice.” Greg Spencer, Entrepenuer